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AT&T Watch TV Verify Your Phone Number:  Here’s How

  • Customers can begin by authorizing their mobile number
  • The process requires customers to send a text message
  • Customers can learn more about AT&T Unlimited Plans

AT&T is now offering its Unlimited Data Plan customers their very own live TV streaming and entertainment hub.  However, it appears customer must first authorize their phone number before they can take advantage of this sweet deal.  In order to begin the activation process, customers must first visit the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.  Once the customer is at the page they can go ahead and send a text to the 4 digit code shown on the screen.  After AT&T receives the text, the screen will update automatically (how does it know to do that??).  By the way, the word that customers must send via text message is shown in big blue letters towards the top of the verification page.

A Look at Unlimited Data From AT&T

  • Plans include AT&T Unlimited & More Premium and AT&T Unlimited & More
  • The premium plan can cost as little as $48 per month (that will certainly work!)
  • Customers can snag the regular Unlimited & More plan for only $40 per month
  • Both plans provide unlimited talk, text, and data (includes Canada and Mexico!)
  • The premium plan provides customers with their very own 15G mobile hot spot

Customers who do not have an unlimited plan can find out more details about what’s available by clicking the link located at the bottom of the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.  Once the plans appears, customers can make a side by side comparison to see which plan best fits their needs.

Finally, it should be mentioned that customers are giving AT&T permission to access their account by sending the activation text.  Customers can review more about this directly from the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.

AT&T Customer Service Numbers

  • General Wireless Questions – 800-331-0500
  • New Wireless Service Orders – 888-333-6651


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  1. 2 years ago we upgraded our data plan to be able to use more data and to be able to use a hotspot while roaming. One of the benefits associated with our plan was quotation marks HBO for life and the quotation marks. I subsequently received email confirmation with a link to register. After registering I was not able to access the HBO channels on my DIRECTV. After several hours and multiple attempts by representatives I was unsuccessful. Just recently I attempted to access HBO. I spent over 2 1/2 hours yesterday with multiple representatives of AT&T and HBO and DIRECTV. In the end while waiting to speak to a supervisor I was disconnected. The same thing I just occurred with Jeff in the billing department. I Change my passwords several times at the suggestion of representatives. I logged in to watch TV verify and sent a text received an authorization however when I chose HBO it prompted me for $15 a month via credit card.This process has been unduly burden son and lack of ability of AT&T to provide the benefits which I bargained for two years ago and never received his most troubling

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