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  • Online password recovery assistance is provided
  • WEG headquarters contact information is available

An anniversary of being on the job is something that most employees hold near and dear to the heart (minus those who are just looking to warm a seat until the next opportunity comes along).  So much so in fact, that many companies have been known to dole out a nice little gift in recognition of these special days.  Those who have been recognized for an anniversary with WEG can gain access to their gift by going to the Award-Central WEG page and entering a User ID along with an account password before clicking the Enter Award Central button to login.  Employees who are so excited about the gift that they forget an account password can click the Forgot your password? link to be directed to a new page where an email address can be entered to begin the recovery process.  Those who suddenly come to their senses and recall the password prior to going through the whole reset process (better late than never) can click the Go Back button to return to the Award-Central WEG page to sign in.

An Admiration-Filled Glance at WEG

  • Includes nearly 30,000 employees with more than 3,000 engineers (all aboard!!)
  • Runs branches in 29 countries with over 1 MILLION square meters of premises
  • Origins date back to September 1961 and the founding of Eletromotores Jaraguá
  • WEG products can be found throughout 5 different continents (nice coverage!)
  • Has manufactured over 1 BILLION automation products (kind of a big number)

Employees who can’t help but wonder what gifts may be available once logged in can stoke the flames of their desire by taking a moment to stare at the images posted at the bottom of the Award-Central WEG page (or just cut to the chase and login to find out for sure, whatever floats the boat).  Questions about WEG Electric Corp. can be addressed by getting in touch with the company’s offices min Duluth, GA.

WEG Electric Corp. Contact Information

  • 6655 Sugarloaf PKWY., Duluth, GA 30097
  • Phone – 800-275-4934
  • Fax – 770-338-1632