www.AwardChoice.com – Enter Award Choice Employee Recognition

Using the Award Choice Employee Recognition Portal

  • Security ID and password are needed to enter
  • Written and video instructions are provided
  • Support is available via email correspondence

A pat on the back is nice and all but chances are most employees prefer to be recognized for a job well done with something more TANGIBLE.  That is precisely where Terry Berry’s Award Choice portal comes into play.  Employees who have recently been recognized (perhaps for reaching a service time milestone for example) can begin the process of cashing in on their efforts by entering a name (first and last), Security ID, and password before clicking the Enter button to login to the system.  Those who plan on being recognized often (might as well assume the mentality of a real go-getter!) can click the Favorites! button located beneath the login fields to add the Award Choice portal to a list of favorites sites.  Instructions on how to place an order can be viewed by clicking the Ordering Guide link and taking a look at the available video demonstration or PDF instructions.

Placing in Order Once Inside the Award Choice Portal

  • The View All Items tab can be clicked to browse the catalog of awards (happy shopping!)
  • More information about an item can be learned by clicking the Product Details button
  • Those who have found a suitable award can go ahead and click the Place Order button
  • A brief online form must be completed to submit an order (an almost effortless task!)
  • The language shown inside the portal can be changed by clicking the Language tab

It should be noted that those who choose to watch the ordering demonstration video will be directed away from the Award Choice portal to YouTube where a short clip can be viewed (it’s only about a minute long so might as well take it all in!).  Those who have lost (or flat-out never received) a Security ID or password can send an email over to support@awardchoice.com for assistance (the company name and years of service should be included within the email).  Those with corporate related questions for Terryberry can try reaching out to the company’s offices in Grand Rapids, MI.

Terryberry Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 2033 Oak Industrial DR. NE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49505
  • 877-862-4057