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Barclay Card US 5055

  • Apply for the Barclaycard Ring online at offer page

Customers wanting to become holders of the Barclaycard Ring will need to go directly to the offer page to get started.  Once customers have pulled the application page up on their computers they will see a field where a last name and the personal ID code listed on the invitation must be entered in order to proceed.  Once the last name and personal ID are both entered applicants will need to hit the Apply Now button in order to proceed with the application process.

It is important that applicants understand that the Barclaycard Ring offer is subject to credit approval.  It is a possibility that an account may be rejected if at the time of application applicants do not meet the credit criteria previously established for the offer.  Further, applicants that have an income that is too low based on their obligations may also be declined.  Applicants that want more information regarding rates, fees, and other costs associated with the Barclaycard Ring will need to click on the Terms and Conditions link found on the offer page.

By looking a little further into the details of the Barclaycard Ring applicants will see that it comes with a 8.25% Annual Percentage rate for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances.  The Annual Percentage Rate of 8.25% will vary based on the market prime rate.  On top of the low Annual Percentage Rate Barclaycard Ring holders will have zero annual fee and will not have to pay for balance transfers.  Card holders will however have to pay a fee of $3 for each cash advance.  For late or returned payments cardholders may be charged a fee up to $27 depending on where they live.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age or older to be considered for the Barclaycard Ring.


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