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Best Pet Insurance Ever

  • Whole Pet with Wellness plan
  • Get a quote at designated webpage

Pet owners can rest a little easier knowing that Nationwide is coming to the table with the Whole Pet with Wellness plan.  The company is touting the plan as the best pet insurance ever as it pays 90% back on vet bills, offers the most extensive coverage customers will find, and allows customers to continue seeing their established veterinarian.  To get  started down the path of obtaining the best pet insurance ever, potential policy holders will need to complete a short form and get a quote.

Tell Nationwide about your pet:

  • The first piece of information customers will need to divulge is their zip code as it helps provide for the most accurate quote
  • The kind of pet owned will need to be confirmed (Dog, Cat, Bird or Exotic pet)
  • Customers will need to confirm the age of their pet by selecting from a range of ages listed in a drop down box
  • To complete the quote process users will need to provide either and email address or phone number

Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness Plan starts at $64 a month and covers things such as prescriptions, exams, lab tests, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, wellness, x-rays, surgeries, and hospitalization.  There are however a few items the best pet insurance ever will not cover such as preexisting conditions, non-veterinary fees, and grooming.  To see how much of the costs the Whole Pet with Wellness plan will cover, users can take advantage of the interactive calculator posted by Nationwide on the Best Pet Insurance Ever webpage.

Nationwide is one of the biggest insurance and financial services companies in the world with affiliated companies such as Allied, Farmland, and Scottsdale.  The company’s headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio at 1 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215.  To reach Nationwide by phone please dial 614-249-7111.


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  1. I really WISH there was a pet ‘health plan’ similar to the ones for our families. When we have more than one child they are added to the plan…when they leave they are dropped from the plan. I have been waiting for MANY YEARS! for some company to finally offer this type of coverage.

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