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Bunzl Connect 

  • Enter your account with your username and password
  • You can use the drop down list if you want to change languages
  • Brain fog?  There’s an easy online account recovery tool that can help with that

The process of login in is about as easy as it gets (as in 1,2,3 easy).  In order to enter, just type in your username and account password before clicking the Login button (told ya).  However, the ease of this process depends on your ability to remember this information.  Fortunately, there’s a simple account recovery process for those of you needing a push in the right direction (it happens to the best of us).  So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can restore access.

Bunzl Connect Password Recovery

  • First, click the link located beneath the login fields
  • Next, enter your username to begin the account recovery process
  • Alternatively, enter your username AND access code (if you have one)
  • Received a reset email?  In that case just follow the instructions!

Now at this point you maybe be thinking “but what if I forgot my username??”.  Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an easy self-help recovery option for this situation.  However, that doesn’t mean help isn’t available (feel free to exhale now).  In order to recover a username, simply pick up the phone and call your system administrator.

Finally, we should mention that you can access the portal in 14 different languages.  To change the language, just click the drop down link at the top right hand of the screen.

Bunzl Fun Facts

Origins of the company date back to 1854 and the opening of a small haberdashery business (whatever that is!)

The company was first incorporate in 1940 (under Bunzl plc)

In 1957 the Bunzl joined the London Stock Exchnage (movin’ on up!)

Today the company operates in 30 countries across the globe

Bunzl Global Headquarters are located in London (the one in England)

Questions for Bunz?  Trying writing to the company’s offices in London!

Bunzl London Address

  • York House
  • 45 Seymour Street
  • London W1H 7JT

Ready to connect? – www.bunzlconnect.com


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