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Call of Duty Monster Energy Promotion:  How to Get 2XP

  • The promotion requires participants to have a Call of Duty account
  • Participants need a code from specially marked Monster products
  • The system provides online password recovery assistance

Most video game players (gamers) know how difficult the struggle to gain experience points (or XP) can be.  Call of Duty Black Ops 4 players who find themselves on the verge of a slow clap after reading the previous sentence may be interested in a current promotion that can help earn DOUBLE XP.  The ongoing Call of Duty Monster Energy promotion is now accepting codes found on specially marked Monster products in exchange for such a lucrative reward (kind of like the Lunchables Mario Party Sweepstakes).  However, before any of the fun can begin, players must first create an Activision account (if they don’t already have one).  After creating the account, the player must then enter an email address and password to login and enter the code.

Highlights of the Call of Duty Monster Energy Promotion

  • The promotion continues running until June 30th, 2019 (quite the entry period)
  • Players can find codes on 24 ounce cans, 4 packs, and 10 packs of Monster Energy
  • The promotion also provides codes from the 7-Eleven app after a qualified purchase
  • Monster will distribute more than 32 MILLION codes during the promotion (WOW!)

Players who are having problems logging in can click the Forgot your password? link to begin the reset process.  After clicking the link, the player must then enter the email address associated with the account before clicking the Submit button to proceed.  In addition to the password reset tool, the system also provides a box that players can check to save their credentials for a quicker login process the next time around.

Call of Duty Monster Energy Promotion:  More on the Codes & XP

  • The codes may take up to 48 hours to load onto the game (patience is key)
  • The double XP period will only last for a limited time length once activated
  • Players can use the double XP during one online multi-player match
  • Each code will expire after one use (just go out and get some more!)

A player will receive 15 minutes of double XP for each cap/can code or 7-Eleven code entered.  However, a player will receive 1 hour worth of double XP when entering a code from a 4 pack.  In the event a player enters a 10 pack code they will receive a whopping 2.5 hours of double XP.  It should be noted that promotion limits players to 40 hours of total double XP time.  Players with questions about the code redemption process can contact Monster at 855-488-1212.

Call of Duty Monster Energy Promotion Sponsor

  • Monster Energy Company
  • 1 Monster Way, Corona, CA 92879


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