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How to Begin the Campero USA Survey

  • Customers will need the survey code to begin the process
  • The Pollo Campero survey comes in both English and Spanish
  • Participants can review the survey’s Privacy Policy

A hot serving of fried chicken is always worth talking about.  Even if that “talking” comes in the form of an online satisfaction survey.  For instance, customers who have recently scarfed down a savory meal at Pollo Campero can now provide feedback through the restaurant’s Campero USA Survey (another example would be the Tell Mary SMG survey for those who eat chicken at Mary Brown’s).  In order to begin the survey, it will first be necessary for the customer to choose a language to provide feedback in.  Once the language is chosen, the customer can then click Next button to enter a survey code and proceed.  By the way, the survey code contains a dash and must be entered across two separate boxes.

Why take the Pollo Campero USA Survey??

  • Just remember how good that chicken was and chances are you’ll what to tell someone
  • Things that take longer than the survey include sweeping the floor and doing the dishes
  • Even if the chicken was bad, the store needs to know about it so the problem can be fixed
  • Let’s face it, we all like putting in our 2 cents every so often (or at every opportunity)

Those who are wondering how much longer the survey will last can refer to the progress bar at the bottom of the page for status.  Additionally, customers who want to go back and change an answer can do so by clicking the Back button also located at the bottom of the survey.  Meanwhile, customers who are concerned with privacy issues may want to take a minute to review the Privacy Policy before beginning.

On the Menu at Pollo Campero

  • Camperitos – A succulent chicken wing served with a favorite sauce (no bone included)
  • 4 Piece Meal – Only the hungriest of customers should think about ordering a half-bird!
  • Yuca Fries – Don’t forget to dip them in Campero sauce before gobbling them all down
  • Tamarindo – This sweet and sour drink is sure to have you going back for another glass

Pollo Campero opened its first restaurant in Guatemala 1971.  Since then, the chain has grown to 350 locations worldwide with 70 located throughout the United States.  Customers with questions for the company can reach out to the Campero USA headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Campero USA Headquarters

  • 12404 Park Central Dr #250, Dallas, TX 75251
  • 972-770-2800


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