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Capital One Apply Quick Silver

  • You’ll need information from your mailing item to begin
  • The card comes with a variety of beneficial features
  • Need help?  Call Capital One for customer support
  • You can also view the Privacy Policy at www.capitalone.com/applyquicksilver

Who’s ready for some CASH BACK??  Aren’t we all?  So, let’s go get some!  In order to take advantage of Capital One’s latest mail offer for the Quick Silver card, visit the application page and your reservation number.  Once you punch that in, go ahead and pop in your access code to begin the application.  Please note that reservation number is 16 digits long while the access code is 6 only digits long.

More on applying at www.capitalone.com/applyquicksilver

Can’t find the numbers on your mail offer?  Take a look at the bottom of the letter (should be there in big BOLD font).

Still can’t find it?? Click the link at the application page to bring up a sample image of your offer (it’s off to the left of the reservation and access code fields).

If you need help with the online application, try giving Capital One customer service a shout.  You can reach them toll-free at 877-383-4802.

Now at this point you may be thinking about whether it’s even a good idea to have the Capital One Quick Silver card in your wallet.  So let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

 A QUICK Look at the Quick Silver Card (no pun intended)

  • You’re gonna get a smooth 1.5% cash back (and that’s UNLIMITED by the way)
  • Worried about the “use it or lose it factor?  Don’t!  Rewards never expire!
  • Traveling abroad?  Well then it’s a good thing there’s no foreign transaction fees
  • Lock it up!  You can lock the card from a  mobile app if you lose it

Finally, if you already have this card you may be wondering where on earth you need to send your payments.  Well look no further.  Here’s the address to the Capital One payment processing center.

Capital One Payment Address

  • PO Box 71083
  • Charlotte, NC 28272-1083


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