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Entering the Captain D’s Rewards Program

  • New members can complete online registration
  • Existing members can login to an account
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided

Most would agree that it’s always nice to be rewarded, even if the thing one is being rewarded for is rewarding enough in its own right.  Those who are a bit confused by the previous statement need look no further than the Captain D’s VIP Rewards programs that allows customers to earn points for doing something that is likely already the most rewarding part of the day for many – EATING DELICIOUS CAPTAIN D’S SEAFOOD!  The process of signing up for the Captain D’s rewards program can be initiated by either registering with our without a card.  Those who DO have a card will need to enter the card number before hitting the Submit button to get started with the registration process.  Customers who DO NOT have a card can begin by filling out a brief online form with a name, phone number, date of birth, and email address.  It should be pointed out that a zip code can be entered at the registration page to search for a nearby location and find out if it ‘s participating in the Captain D’s VIP Rewards program.

A Mouth-Watering Look at the Captain D’s Menu

  • North Atlantic Lobster Rolls – A delicious treat that doesn’t cost $20 (like at some places)
  • Batter Dipped Fish – Hard to beat a fresh a piece of Captain D’s (ask for extra crispies!)
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon – Seared and served on a bed of rice (load up on those Omega 3s!)
  • Lobster Bites – So good that the 6 pieces included in an order likely won’t be enough
  • Creamy Lobster Scampi – Since when did Captain D’s start servings pasta dishes??

Those who have already registered for the Captain D’s rewards program (a smart move deserving of a pat on the back) can gain access to an account by entering a username and password before clicking the Login button.  In the event a password has been forgotten the account recovery process can be initiated by clicking the available link posted beneath the login fields.  Those with questions about the program can try reviewing the information found under the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the registration page (scroll down to the Rewards FAQ section).  High-level questions for the restaurant can be directed to the Captain D’s headquarters in Nashville, TN.

Captain D’s Headquarters Contact Information

  • 624 Grassmere Park, Suite 30
  • Nashville, TN 37211-3671
  • 615-391-5461