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Carhartt Direct:  A Quick Guide

  • New users must create an account before gaining access
  • Existing users can login with a username and password
  • The portal provides support via phone and email

Users who need to establish access to the Carhartt Direct portal can begin by clicking the New User Request link locate beneath the login fields.  After clicking the link, the new user must fill out a brief request form with a name, email address, title, company, account number, country, state, city, and phone number.  Once the user enters all of the required information they can go ahead and click the Submit button to send the request.  Upon submission, the request will be reviewed by a support team member before an invitation is sent.  When making the request, any extra information the user can provide about the requested vendor is information useful.

A Brief History of Carhartt

  • The company’s origins go back to 1889 with the founding of Hamilton Carhartt & Co.
  • Carhartt had expanded to the point of opening mills in both SC and GA by 1910
  • The Great Depression nearly caused Carhartt to close shop (fortunately it prevailed)
  • The 1970’s and the massive Alaskan Pipeline construction helped grow the brand
  • Carhartt has produced over 80 MILLION garments in the U.S. over the past 15 years

After the new user has been granted access to the portal they can login by entering a password and username.  Users who prefer to use Carhartt Direct in a different language can click the drop down box found below the login field for more options.  The portal also provides a password recovery tool that can be initiated with a username.

Users who are having trouble getting into the portal can click the Need Help Logging In? link to review information on cookies and browsers.  In addition to the help link, the portal also provides assistance via email and over the phone.

Carhartt Direct Support Information

  • support@centerstonetech.com
  • 877-757-3681



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