www.cbizems.com – Employee Login CBIZ EMS Online Portal


  • First time users can register for account access
  • An online password reset process is provided
  • List of system requirements is available for review

One of the most vital characteristics of any employee portal is its ability to allow users to help themselves.  With that being said, those who use the CBIZ EMS portal likely understand that a little self-help can certainly go a very long way.  For instance, those who are locked out of an account due to a lost or forgotten password don’t have to worry about waiting on hold for the next available in-house technical support agent as the Reset ID and Password link can be clicked to begin the account reset process.  After clicking the link it will be necessary to enter a date of birth along with a Social Security Number before clicking the Find My Record button to locate the existing profile and create a new password.  It is important to note that Enterprise Users will only need to enter an email address to locate a profile and begin the account password reset process.  Those who suddenly snap out of the fog and recall a password can click the Cancel button to back out of the reset process and return to the CBIZ EMS login page.

A Quick Look at CBIZ

  • Operates over 100 offices throughout many metro areas across the United States
  • More than 4,600 associates work to take care of the company’s 90,000 plus clients
  • Among the top accounting providers and employee benefit specialists in the country
  • Is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CBIZ
  • Other services offered by CBIZ include litigation support, valuation, and payroll

Those who have yet to set up a CBIZ EMS account can begin by clicking the First Time User link and entering a date of birth and Social Security Number (again Enterprise Users only need to enter an email address).  Once an account has been successfully created a username and password can be entered before clicking the Login button to enter the portal.  A list of system requirements (operating system, browser, cookies) for the CBIZ EMS portal can be review by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the page (always a good idea to know exactly what a portal craves!).  Corporate-related questions for CBIZ can be directed to the company’s headquarters in Cleveland, OH.

CBIZ Headquarters Contact Information

  • 6050 Oak Tree Blvd., Suite 500
  • Cleveland, OH 44131
  • 216-447-9000