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When the time comes to watch a favorite TV show or movie, many are now turning to the convenience of internet to get the job done.  Of course, such an act usually requires a streaming device to serve as the technological “middle man” between the eager eyes of the viewer and the television set or device content is being watched on.  Samsung TV owners who wish to begin streaming CBS content can get the ball rolling by going to the CBS Samsung TV page and entering the required activation code before clicking the Activate button to continue with the process.  Those who are having trouble getting past the part where the code must be entered may want to take a long hard stare at their TV screen where the code can be found (don’t hesitate to grab those reading glasses if necessary!).  Those who wouldn’t mind checking out what’s currently available to stream online can do so by clicking the Full Episodes link posted at the top of the CBS Samsung TV activation page.

Engaging Content Offered by CBS

  • Elementary – A modern-day Sherlock Holmes and sidekick Watson take to New York City
  • Man with a Plan – Matt Leblanc is back and playing the role of a modern-day family man
  • Mom – A mom and daughter get back on track (with PLENTY of laughs along the way)
  • Survivor – Watch the kind of drama that only one of the greatest all time shows can offer
  • MacGyver – The classic action series has been rebooted and is ready to rock AND roll

Those with questions about the CBS Samsung TV activation process can try clicking the Visit Our FAQ link to review a fairly extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to CBS content streaming with a Samsung TV.  In the rare event the desired answer isn’t found within the FAQs the Ask a Question button can be clicked to fill out an online contact form with a name, email address, and question (a very direct way to receive a specific answer but certainty not the fastest).  Corporate-related inquiries for CBS can be directed to the network’s headquarters in the New York City.

CBS Headquarters Contact Information

  • 51 W. 52nd St., New York, NY 10019-6188
  • 212-975-4321