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CDGA Settlement:  How to Get Your Settlement Dollars

  • Class Members can file with out without proof of purchase
  • The settlement receives claim online and through the mail
  • The administrator can help answer questions about filing

Every so often, the public takes issue with the claims found on the label of a certain product.  For example, a class action lawsuit called George v. Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. has recently come to settlement terms in hopes of resolving allegations surrounding the “Made from Real Ginger” labeling of Canada Dry products (see the LL Cookie Settlement for another example).  While the Plaintiffs may take issue with this statement, the Defendants believe their labeling to be accurate and deny any liability.  At any rate, the case appears to be all but settled as both parties have agreed to end the case now before any further litigation.  Class Members can begin by going to the online filing page and clicking the Submit Claim tab.

Important Facts Surrounding the CDGA Settlement

  • Purchases must have included Canada Dry products with the term “Made from Real Ginger”
  • The settlement includes purchases between January 1st, 2013 and December 19th, 2018
  • Class Members who cannot provide proof of the purchases can receive up to $5.20
  • Meanwhile, those who CAN prove their purchases can receive up to $40 (receipts??)
  • The settlement does not apply California residents (just fall back on the good weather)

In order to begin an online claim, Class Members must first submit their Class Member ID.  However, those who do not have a Class Member ID can click the link at the bottom of the filing page to file without one.  Those who are unsure if the have a Class Member ID should refer to the postcard or email notice they received about the settlement.

CDGA Settlement:  Important Dates

  • March 19th, 2019 is the last day for Class Members to file a claim (online or by mail)
  • The deadline for Class Members to object or request and exclusion is also March 19th
  • The hearing to approve (or deny) the settlement is scheduled for April 8th, 2019
  • Of most importance is the date you and the significant other will enjoy with your settlement!

Class Members who would rather file by mail must make sure the correspondence is post-marked no later than the March 19th filing deadline.  Additionally, Class Member must send their claim forms directly to the Settlement Administrator.  In addition to taking claims, the administrator is also available to help answer questions about the settlement.

CDGA Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 58097, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8097
  • 833-305-3916


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