www.CheetosWinWhatYouSee.com – Enter Cheetos Photo Contest

Entering the Cheetos Win What You See Promotion

  • Cheetos photo can be uploaded online to enter
  • Entry method where no photo is needed is available
  • Copy of the Winners List is available upon request

Chances are most who have had the pleasure of eating a tasty Cheetos morsel have realized the snack often takes on a familiar shape.  As luck would have it, those uniquely shaped Cheetos can now be put to good use (other than just snacking) thanks to the Cheetos Win What You See promotion.  The promotion will be doling out a whopping $100,000 worth of prizes and chooses its winners based on criteria regarding how unique the Cheetos shape is and how well it matches what it’s supposed to look like.  Those who are interested in getting in on the fun can begin by going to the online entry page and clicking the Submit Your Shape button to complete the registration form and upload the photo of a uniquely shaped Cheeto snack (it may be hard but try not to eat the Cheeto BEFORE taking a photo of it!).  Those who want to go over the complete set of rules governing the contest can do so by clicking the Official Rules link posted at the bottom of the entry page.

Inside the Rules of the Cheetos Win What You See Promotion

  • Runs for well over 2 months beginning June 25th, 2018 and ending September 2nd
  • The 8 Entry Period Prizes will be judged based on the shape of the Cheetos snack
  • In addition to the Entry Period Prizes there is one Random Drawing Prize available
  • The title of the uploaded photo must not exceed 50 characters in length (good luck!)

Those who don’t happen to have a uniquely shaped Cheeto at hand can still enter the promotion by choosing one of the stock photos provided at the Cheetos Win What You See promotion’s entry page (click the Use One of Ours link).  The Where to Buy link posted at the top of the page can be clicked to purchase Cheetos online or find a close by store that carries them.  A copy of the promotion’s Winners List can requested by sending written correspondence to 10 South 5th Street, 7th Floor, Dept. 881-767, Minneapolis, MN 55402 (don’t stall as they must be received by October 9th, 2018!).  Those with questions can try reviewing the information found under the FAQ section of the entry page.

Cheetos Win What You See Promotion Sponsor

  • Frito-Lay, Inc. – 7701 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024-4099