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Choolaah Listens

  • Code found on receipt is needed to begin
  • Copy of survey privacy policy is provided
  • Feedback can be provided over the phone

After scarfing down a delicious serving of Indian BBQ many people likely feel the urge to sit back and relax in a moment of self-satisfaction.  However, once this moment has passed it could be time to move onto something bigger and better such as the Choolaah Indian BBQ customer survey.  The survey can be initiated by going to the Choolaah Listens page and entering the Survey Code found on the receipt from a recent visit to the restaurant.  Once the code has been entered the Next button can be clicked to proceed with the feedback process.  Those who have a busy day ahead of themselves should be relieved to know that the customer survey should take only a few minutes.  Progress of the survey can be checked at anytime by taking a peek at the progress bar located at the bottom of the Choolaah Listens page.

A Hungry Glance at the Choolaah Indian BBQ Menu

  • Salmon BBQ – Salmon from the Faroe Islands and served with spice-infused Indian rice
  • Lamb BBQ – Meatballs of grass-fed, pasture-raised lamb with the right amount of kick
  • Paneer Cheese BBQ – Featuring Indian paneer cheese crafted by Amish cheese makers
  • Chicken BBQ – Bell & Evans chicken cooked to perfection in 600 degree tandoor ovens
  • Veggie Croquette BBQ – Made with lentils, onions, eggplants, potatoes, and green peas

Participants who want to review the Privacy Policy associated with the survey can click the link posted at the left hand bottom corner of the Choolaah Listens page.  Those who would rather side step the online survey process can opt to cut to the chase and provide over the phone feedback directly to the restaurant by calling its toll-free phone number.

Choolaah Indian BBQ Feedback Phone Number

  • 800-459-8860