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The Circulon Sweeps and Steals Promotion

  • You can enter in a few seconds online (like, literally seconds)
  • To enter you’ll need to complete a brief registration form
  • The sweepstakes provides a copy of it’s Official Rules

Anyone in the market for new cookware?  Well then today’s your lucky day!  In order to enter the Circulon Sweeps and Steals promotion, just go to the registration page and provide your name, email address,  and zip code (yes, it really is that easy).  Once you’ve registered you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of 3 prizes (new skillets and such).  However, please note that the sweepstakes is broken into 3 promotion periods with 1 prize available in each.

So about these prizes….

  • The promotion prize in period 1 is a skillet twin pack valued at $49.99
  • For period 2 you could win a straining sauce pan valued at $59.99
  • Period 3 offers an 11 piece cookware set (a whopping $299.99 value)
  • The overall prize value comes to $409.97 (if you haven’t done the math)
  • If you win you’ll receive notice at the email address you signed up with
  • Check your email as you must respond to winning notice within 72 hours

By the way, you can check out the drawing dates for each promotion period in the Official Rules of the sweepstakes.  In order to pull up the rules, simply click the link located at the bottom of the entry page.  Once you’re in the rules, scroll to section 3 for the dates of the drawings (the start and end dates for each entry period are also included).

In addition to accessing the rules, you can also sign up to receive updates about newsletters and sweepstakes from Circulon directly from the entry page.  If you’re interested in this just check the box located below the entry form.

Sponsor of the Circulon Sweeps and Steals Promotion

  • Meyer Corporation
  • One Meyer Plaza, Vallejo, CA 94590

Ready to enter?www.circulon.com/sweepsandsteals

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