www.claimlookup.com/jpmc – Enter JPMC Leave of Absence

Claim Lookup JPMC (JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

  • Use the portal to check status of your leave of absence claim
  • The portal is managed by Sedgwick (so don’t be confused!)
  • Technical support is available by phone
  • Wanna help yourself?  Try the help guide at the bottom of the portal
  • Start online at www.claimlookup.com/jpmc

Okay, so you need to check status of a claim.  The good news is, this process doesn’t have to be pain.  For instance, JP Morgan Chase employees can use the cutting edge technology provided by Sedgwick to find out what’s up.

How to Use Claim Lookup JPMC (it’s not rocket science)

First you’ll need to click the Login button BEFORE you can enter your credentials

Next, enter those credentials and click Login again to proceed

Problems getting in?  There’s standard ID and password recovery help available

Click the reset/forgot password link to (you guessed it) reset or recover a password

By the way, you can get help with the portal by clicking the Help link at www.claimlookup.com/jpmc.  Once you find what you were looking for, hit the back button to return to the login screen.

Scrolling through information not your thing?  Well then try the online chat support feature.  In order to do so, click the Contact Technical Support link and click the Live Chat Help option.  Please note chat is only available between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday (central time).

Finally, you can also CALL for help if you get stuck (also known as the OLD FASHIONED WAY).  If you need to make a call take a look at the below numbers.  Just lijke the Live Chat Feature, over the phone help is only available Monday through Friday.  However, you can get phone help 2 hours longer each day is the lines stay open til 7 PM.

Claim Lookup JPMC Support Numbers

  • Toll-Free – 866-647-7610
  • Standard – 901-415-7800


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