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Ordering the Clear Touch 224 Special Offer

  • Brief online form can be filled out to begin order
  • Terms & Conditions of the offer can be reviewed
  • Clear Touch contact information is provided

The last thing any customers wants is a long and drawn out process when ordering a product online.  Fortunately, customers who have caught wind of the Clear Touch 224 offer (which allows payment to be made in 3 easy installments) won’t have to worry about such a thing.  Upon arrival at the offer page the ordering process can be initiated right off the bat by filling out the available online form with a name, address, and email address (hard to miss the form as it’s huge and located right at the top of the page!).  Once all of the contact information has been entered the Order Now button can be clicked to proceed towards the payment information screen where the order can be completed.  Those who would rather pay for the product in full can do so by making a one time payment of $189.99 (don’t even worry about the shipping and handling as it’s FREE when making a full payment!).

More Information on Clear Touch

  • The product is backed up by a 30 day risk free guarantee (how’s that for peace of mind?)
  • Includes a 1 year manufacture’s warranty that begins on the date of the original purchase
  • Customer service can be contacted if a replacement or a repair of the product is needed
  • Full details of the manufacturer’s warranty will be included with the Clear Touch order
  • Those who aren’t satisfied 100% can contact customer service to request a full refund

The full Terms & Conditions of the 30 day guarantee and warranty can be reviewed by clicking the link posted to the bottom of the Clear Touch 224 offer ordering page.  It’s worth noting that those who take advantage of the 3 easy payments offer will be charged shipping and handling (those who pay in full WILL NOT be charged shipping in handling).  Another aspect that must be considered is the total price as those who pay in full will only pay $189.99 while those who pay over time will pay $204.94.  Questions about Clear Touch can be directed to the product’s customer service department between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM EST Monday through Friday and from 10 AM and 4 PM EST on Saturdays.

Clear Touch Customer Service Contact Information

  • cs@cleartouchnails.com
  • 888-507-1989