www.coke.com/summer – Scan Coke Icon & Win Summer Prizes

Coke Summer Promotion

  • Icon found on beverage can be scanned to play
  • A Frequently Asked Questions list is provided
  • Copy of the Official Rules is available online

As the temperature rises with the incoming spring and summer seasons so does a little something called PROMOTION FEVER.  One recently released promotion that is sure to add to the pandemonium is the Share a Coke Sip and Scan Program.  The promotion will be giving away an almost insane amount of Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game prizes, all of which provide the lucky winner with a sweet (as in ice-cold Coca-Cola classic sweet) summer-related experience.  Those who correctly deem they could make room for a new summer experience can begin by looking for the Sip & Scan icon located on a Coca-Cola beverage.  After locating the icon it can be scanned by going to the Coke Summer page and clicking the Scan Now button.  Once the icon has been successfully scanned participants can then choose which of the fabulous prizes they wish to play for (this may prove to be a very hard decision indeed).

Any rules associated with this new Coke summer promotion?

  • Must be at least 13 years of age and a legal U.S. resident to be eligible
  • Runs about 3.5 months starting on April 16th, 2018 and ending July 31st
  • Limit of 1 Instant Win Game play and 1 Sweepstakes entry per day per person
  • Total of 8 Sweepstakes Prizes and well over 200,000 Instant Win Game Prizes
  • The Approximate Retail Value of all prizes comes to a jaw-dropping $6,115,036

The majority of the Sweepstakes Prizes will be selected randomly on or around August 27th, 2018 (good luck bringing one home!).  The full set of rules surrounding the promotion can be reviewed by clicking the Official Rules link posted at the Coke Summer page.  The Frequently Asked Questions section of the page can likely answer many of the most commonly asked questions about the promotion.  In the event the FAQs don’t get the job done the Sponsor of the promotion (that would be Coca-Cola of course) can be contacted for further assistance.

Coca-Cola Contact Information

  • PO Box 1734, Atlanta, GA 30301
  • 800-520-2653