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Making Commerce Bank Loan Payments Online

  • A loan number is needed to begin the payment
  • Process is available in English and Spanish
  • A small fee is charged for the service

Sometimes the easiest way to pay back a loan is through the use of an online bill payment system.  An example of such can be found in Commerce Bank Loan Payments.  Those who need to make a quick and easy online payment can begin by entering the loan number before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the payment process.  It should be pointed out the loan number is 17 digits in length and should be entered as it appears on the statement received from Commerce Bank.  Those who prefer to receive email updates on the status of processing the payment can opt to enter an email address before after entering the loan number.

Getting to Know Commerce Bank

  • The bank has a presence in 15 states (mostly throughout the Midwest region)
  • Key markets include (but not limited to) Saint Louis, Kansas City, and Wichita
  • Commercial offices can be found in major cities such as Dallas and Houston
  • Currently holds more than $24 BILLION in assets (quite the accumulation)
  • Is the 45th largest United States bank in terms of asset size (top 50 list!)

Those who prefer to change the language being displayed at the Commerce Bank Loan Payments system can do so by clicking the link posted at the top right hand side of the page (English and Spanish are available).  The links found at the bottom left hand side of the page can be clicked to review the system’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

It’s worth noting that use of the Commerce Bank Loan Payments system comes with a small fee of $4.95.  The fee is charged by BillMatrix, the provider of the payment service.

Commerce Bank Consumer Loans Department Contact Information

  • PO Box 410857, Kansas City, MO 64141-0857
  • Phone – 866-658-9333
  • Fax – 816-760-3743