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Computer Share Walmart Shareholder Services

  • The online service provides access to 4 different plan types
  • Confused about cost basis?  Deep breaths – there’s a tool that can help!
  • You can access a plan in both English and French
  • Hung up?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Still stuck??  Call toll-free for assistance!
  • www.computershare.com/walmart is also optimized for smart phones

Financial plans are incredibly important.  That means the ways we choose to manage them are also important.  Therefore, Walmart employees should pay close attention to their Computershare Walmart Shareholder Services accounts (as in book mark it on your computer level close attention).  Let’s dig a little deeper.

Types of Plans Available at www.computershare.com/walmart

Associate Stock Purchase Plans – Just as it sounds, plans that allow associates to purchase stock.

Colleague Plans – There’s a picture of an ASDA truck so that should give you a hint of who this is for.

Equity – Includes services such as stock options, RSR’s, and PSPs (does NOT stand for PlayStation Portable!).

Direct Stock Purchase Plan – Allows you to purchase stock DIRECTLY (an aptly named service).

Please note that the first 3 of the above plans will take you to the same screen when you’re logging in.  Meanwhile, the Direct stock Purchase Plan will take you to the Computershare Investor Center.

By the way, if you’re struggling to understand how cost basis applies to you, go ahead and click the tab at the right hand side of the portal for more information.

Finally, if you have questions about a Computershare Walmart plan, try clicking the Help link at the top of the page to bring up a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Additionally, you can call 800-438-6278 to speak to a support representative (800-923-1515 if you’r in the United Kingdom).

Computershare Mailing Address

  • PO Box 43080
  • Providence RI 02940-4080


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