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Coops Listens SMG Survey:  How to Begin

  • Customers must use data from a receipt to launch the survey
  • The survey is available in 2 languages (English and Spanish)
  • Participants can reference a sample receipt image for help

Anyone who has ever experienced the privilege of shopping at a Co-op location has likely formed an opinion or two along the way.  Fortunately, these opinions can now be shared through the Coops Listens SMG online survey.  In order to begin the survey, participants must first enter a survey code, transaction code, date, and time as shown on the receipt from a recent visit.  Once the customer enters all of the required information they can go ahead and click the Start button to begin the survey.  By the way, customers who are a bit confused by the receipt information can try taking a peak at the sample image at the right hand side of the page.

Thanks, but why should I take the Coops Listens SMG survey?

  • A store that gives so much deserves a little bit of giving in return (right??)
  • The survey could be used as an ice-breaker at a party or meet and greet
  • Is there really something that much better to do with 2 minutes of free time?

It should be pointed out that the Coops Listens SMG online survey is available in both English and Spanish.  In order to change the language, the participant can click the link located at the bottom left hand side of the survey.  In addition to the language link, the survey also provides links to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (a similar set up used by the Jacks Feedback SMG Survey) .

Getting to Know Co-op

  • Has more than 200 locations scattered throughout the country (quite the reach)
  • The stores are known for providing information about the food customers eat
  • When it comes to natural and organic foods nobody does it better than a co-op
  • In addition to the 200 plus stores there are also 145 virtual retail food co-ops

Examples of the Co-ops across the country include Ozark Natural Foods in Arkansas, Co-op Market Grocery & Deli in Alaska, and Davis Food Co-op in California (just to name a few).  Customers with general questions for Nation Co-op Grocers can send an email to info@strongertogether.coop.


Time left for another survey?




3 thoughts on “www.coopslisten.smg.com – Take Co-op Guest Satisfaction Survey

  1. Have been down for several months and so Thursday was my first time in newly remodel store. Was totally in awe at the brightness inside , the wide aisles and the variety of product they had. Very happy to go shopping in there.They have so much to choose from and fresh products. Well recommended for the public to come and browse around. Prices are comparable to your big supermarket type stores and the fruits and veg. are all fresh and not dried out.

  2. My husband and I visit your San Antonio 410/151 location once a week. We are retired and my husband loves your Thursday turkey special. But the real reason we keep going back is customer service, specifically a waitress named Ann. From the first time she waited on us to three years later her smile, attentiveness, and quick service has never changed. I have never experienced her not giving 100%. This kind of service is rare. You are very fortunate to have her! We will continue our weekly visits because I know the service will be impeccable.

  3. I like the choices in bulk items. I always keep a supply of trail mixes.
    The grind your own peanut butter and the flax seed meal.
    Produce is always well stocked and the oranges are fresh and juicy.
    Fresh meat and fish are plentiful.
    As far as desert items, one of my favorites is the brownie truffle.
    For me it’s a great location, only a short distance from home which
    is great during the winter months.

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