www.countdownlistens.co.nz – Take Countdown Survey & Win $500

Countdown Listens

  • Type of invitation must be selected to begin
  • Information found on invite will be needed
  • Survey completion earns entry to a draw

Providing some helpful feedback to the local grocer is likely something most customers don’t mind doing under the right circumstances.  However, chances are when the opportunity to win $500 is added to the equation, just about ANY circumstance seems appropriate.  Customers who take a few minutes to provide feedback on a recent visit to Countdown (through use of the store’s online survey found at the Countdown Listens page) can now receive entry to a prize draw for a shot at winning either a $500 or $100 gift card.  The feedback process can be initiated by first confirming the type of invitation that was received.  Those with a store receipt must enter the store number and transaction number as shown prior to clicking the Next button to move forward to the actual survey part of the process.  Customers who need help finding the numbers from the receipt can try taking a look at the sample image posted at the left hand side of the Countdown Listens page (outlines the exact location of both numbers on the receipt).

Wait, what was that about a prize draw??

  • One entry to the draw will be earned for each survey that is successfully completed
  • There is a limit of one entry to the draw for every 24 hour period (seems reasonable)
  • One $500 gift card and five $100 gift cards will be awarded each month of the draw
  • Draws will be held on the first Monday of the month (a whole new spin on Mondays!)
  • Winners will receive notice via the contact information provided after the survey

Customers who received the survey invitation in the form of a card will need to enter the card number before hitting the Next button to proceed with the feedback.  It is very important to point out that if the chosen winner cannot be reached within seven working days a new winner will be chosen (it pays to be responsive!).  The full Terms & Conditions associated with the monthly prize draw can be reviewed by clicking the link posted at the bottom left hand side of the Countdown Listens page.  The bar posted in the middle of the page can be referenced to get a better idea of how much progress has been made in the survey.

Prize Draw Sponsor

  • Progressive Enterprises
  • 80 Favona Road, Mangere, Auckland, 1640, New Zealand
  • 09-275 2788