www.credit.syf.com/service – New Login Synchrony MasterCard Account

Entering the New Credit SYF Service Login

  • Existing User ID and password can be used to enter
  • New cardholders can register for online account access
  • Synchrony customer service contact information is available

When an old familiar credit card gets put out to pasture (or in this case outright ELIMINATED) one tends to feel the unwelcome symptoms of anxiety begin to creep up.  Fortunately, those who had been issued a now canceled “R” Us MasterCard (it’s the old credit card for Toys R Us if the name didn’t already give it away) won’t have to worry about any unease caused by a choppy account transition process.  After receiving the new Synchrony MasterCard in replacement of the old “R” Us card, cardholders can navigate to the newly established Credit SYF Service login page where account access can be gained using the EXACT SAME User ID and password associated with then old account (how’s that for ease of use??).  As if the process couldn’t get any more convenient the Remember User ID box can be checked prior to logging in to receive expedited account access in the future.  Those who wish to switch the language used to manage the account can do so by clicking one of the links posted at the top right hand side of the Credit SYF Service login page (English and Spanish are available).

Wait, what is Synchrony??

  • A financial services company traded over the New York Stock Exchange under SYF
  • Big name partners include Amazon, Walmart, and JC Penney (just to name a few!)
  • Offers a Care Credit healthcare credit card that can be used to cover medical needs
  • Saving products include CDs, High Yield Savings Accounts, Money Markets, and IRAs
  • Exceeded a mind-bending $132 BILLION in financial sales in the 2017 (awe-inspiring)

New cardholders who have yet to sign up for online access to the Credit SYF Service login page can begin by clicking the Register button and entering a card number and zip code.  In the event a User ID or password has been forgotten, the links found beneath the login fields can be clicked to begin the account recovery process.  Those who are having trouble gaining access to an account after attempting to self-help recovery options can try utilizing the online chat tool at the top of the page.  General inquiries for Synchrony can be addressed by dialing 866-419-4096 (sometimes a quick phone call is the easiest way to go about things!).

Synchrony Mailing Address

  • PO Box 105972, Atlanta, GA 30348-5972