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Credit Acceptance Pay Now

  • A variety of different payments methods are available
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is available for review
  • Credit Acceptance contact information is available

When it comes to making an online account payment it’s nice to have plenty of options.  With that being said, it’s safe to say those who need to make a Credit Acceptance account payment won’t be running short on different payment methods to choose from anytime soon.  The process of bringing an account current can be initiated by going to the Credit Acceptance Pay Now page and choosing from one of the available NINE different ways an account can be paid (hard to even imagine any more than that!).  Those who prefer to pay without any additional fees should focus on the left hand side of the page and choose between online automatic payments, mail in payments, in person check or money order payments, or over the phone automatic payments.  After clicking on the desired method a detailed list of instructions will appear showing exactly how a payment can be made.  Those with questions for Credit Acceptance may be able to find the help they need by clicking the FAQ link posted at the bottom of the Credit Acceptance Pay Now page.

Getting to Know Credit Acceptance

  • Is publicly traded over the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol CACC
  • Reports to three national credit reporting agencies (build up that credit score!)
  • Payment dates are based on the original contract and CANNOT be changed
  • Many auto dealers throughout the United States are enrolled in the program
  • Credit Acceptance does not offer customers the ability to refinance vehicles

Those who wish to learn more about the payment methods that DO include fees can focus on the right side of the Credit Acceptance Pay Now page and choose between online guest payments, online one-time payments, in person cash payments, over the phone one-time payments, and personal banking payments (seems like a good idea to avoid those fees if all possible though!).  The amount of fees that will be charged for each of these options can be reviewed after clicking on one of the available payment methods.  Customers with questions can get over the phone assistance by calling 800-634-1506 between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM EST Monday through Friday and from 8 AM to 5 PM EST on the weekends.

Credit Acceptance Address

  • 25505 West Twelve Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48034