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Credit Limit Increase Citi Cards

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  • New users can register for online account access
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Let’s face it, nobody likes being short on credit (especially when it’s needed the most).  Fortunately, Citi cardholders can now take action to remedy such a situation by requesting an online credit limit increase.  The process of completing the request can be initiated by going to the Credit Limit Increase Citi page and signing in with existing login credentials (User ID and account password).  It’s worth offering as a side note that those who plan on entering the account often can go ahead and check the Remember My ID box prior to clicking the Sign On button to have login information saved for expedited access in the future.  After successfully signing into the Credit Limit Increase Citi page cardholders can check to see if they are eligible for an increase in credit, and if so, complete the online request.  Those who are having problems logging in due forgotten login credentials can click the Forgot your User ID or password? link to begin the account recovery process.

A Look at the Lower Interest Credit Cards Offered by Citi

  • Citi Simplicity Card – Save the fret for another day as no late fees or penalty rates apply
  • Citi Diamond Preferred Card – Offers great benefits and protection with a low intro rate
  • Citi Thank You Preferred Card – Get double the points on dining and entertainment!
  • All of the previous cards come with a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers
  • ZERO annual fees will be charged on all of the previously cited Citi lower interest cards

It should be pointed out that a customer type (bank and credit card or mortgage) must be selected prior to proceeding with the account credential recovery process.  Bank and credit card customers will need to enter a card number to proceed with the recovery process while mortgage customers must enter an email address.  Those who have yet to register an account must do so prior to being able to request a limit increase.  The account registration process can be initiated by clicking the Register Now button posted at the bottom of the Credit Limit Increase Citi page.  Those who are having problems completing the credit limit increase request can try reaching out to a Citi technical support agent at 800-347-4934.  Business-related questions for Citi can be directed to the company’s corporate offices in New York, NY.

Citi Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 388 Greenwich St., New York, NY 10013
  • 800-285-3000