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Join the Culver’s Curd Rescue!

  • An email address can be entered to begin an entry
  • Consists of a sweepstakes and Instant Win Game
  • Official Rules are available to be reviewed

Let’s face it, it’s awfully hard to resist a claw-drop game, even if it’s an electronic one.  The new Culver’s Curd Rescue promotion is now up and running and allows participants to operate an online claw crane for a chance at snagging one of the 3 available daily prizes.  The game can be initiated by going to the promotion’s online entry page and entering an email address.  After registration has been completed, the claw game can be played up to 3 times a day (might as well max them out!).  In addition to the 3 game plays per day, participants will also receive 1 entry to the Grand Prize sweepstakes for a chance to win FREE curds for an entire year!

Anything else I should know about the Culver’s Curd Rescue?

  • Begins October 1st, 2018 and closes at the end of the month on the 28th
  • Only 1 entry to the Grand Prize sweepstakes is available per participant
  • Daily prizes include “Curdis” and “Goldie” plush toys and curd coupons
  • The Approximate Retail Value of all available prizes comes to $81,187.00

In addition to the free year’s worth of curds, the Grand Prize also includes a t-shirt, a pair of glasses, and plush toys.  The total Approximate Retail Value of the Grand Prize package comes to $515.00 (seems like it would be more with a years worth of cheese curds!).  As far as the daily prizes aren’t concerned, the retail value of each is $4.00.

It should be mentioned that the Culver’s Curd Rescue promotion is limited to residents of certain U.S. states.  The full list of eligible states can be reviewed within the Official Rules of the promotion (look at the very top).  In addition to the Official Rules, an in-depth FAQ list is also available to be reviewed by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the entry page.

Culver’s Curd Rescue Sponsor

  • Culver Franchising System, LLC
  • 1240 Water St., Prairie du Sac, WI 53578


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