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How to Enter the Dallas Country Living Sweepstakes

  • The sweepstakes provides entry via online registration form
  • Participants are limited to just 1 contest entry per person
  • Participants can review an online copy of the Official Rules

Hearst Magazines has been on a spree of releasing some really cool sweepstakes (take the Ballard House Beautiful Sweepstakes for instance).  The latest to emerge from this nice little giveaway streak is the Country Living Crescent Court Dallas Getaway Sweepstakes (let’s shorten it up and refer to it as just the Dallas Country Living Sweepstakes).  In order to register, participants must first visit the online entry page and complete the brief form.  Once the participant has successfully submitted the form they will receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes (the one and only entry so savor the moment!).

Wait, what do I stand to win if I enter?? 

  • The winner receives a trip for 2 to Dallas, Texas (should have been obvious by the name!)
  • The trip includes a 3 night stay at Hotel Crescent Court that includes a spa treatment
  • Additionally, the winner will receive a check for $500 to use towards travel expenses
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of the trip to Dallas comes to $2,150 (giddy up!)

Those who decide to enter may want to circle the date of January 30th, 2019 on the calendar as the sweepstakes will draw the winner sometime around that day.  Once the sweepstakes decides the winner it will send notice via phone or mail (the winner can expect to receive notice within one month from January 29th, 2019).

Sweet Things the Winner Can Experience While Visiting Dallas

  • A Cowboys Game – Step one foot inside AT&T stadium and see what all the fuzz is about
  • The Dallas World Aquarium – Become immersed in a new and exciting underwater world
  • The Dallas Zoo – More than 100 acres and located just outside of downtown Dallas
  • Six Flags Over Texas – Because who couldn’t use an exciting day on the roller coasters?

Participants who want to go over the full set of rules surrounding the sweepstakes can do so by clicking the Official Rules link located at the online registration page.  In addition to the rules, participants can also check out information about other magazines published by the Sponsor.

Dallas Country Living Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Hearst Communications, Inc.
  • 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019


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