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Ceridian Day Force HCM:  Logging In

  • A company must be specified to enter the portal
  • A user name and account password are needed
  • Help is available for problems with account access

When it comes to the process of getting into an online portal the easier the better (especially for one that’s going to be used fairly often).  With that being said, users of the Ceridian Day Force HCM portal shouldn’t have too much to worry about as far as account access is concerned.  The simple login process can be completed in just a few seconds by entering the following 3 pieces of information:  a company, a username, and an account password.  Once all of the required login information has been entered the Login button can be clicked to proceed into the portal.  Those who are having problems logging in can try clicking the Can’t access your account? link posted at the bottom of the Ceridian Day Force HCM portal.

What is Dayforce?

  • Dayforce is a cloud HCM platform that helps companies manage their workforces
  • Offers a pay system that continually calculates (a HUGE plus for the payroll folks)
  • Provides a single record of ALL employees (much to the delight of the HR admins)
  • Includes an easy to use benefits management system (enrollment, life events, etc.)
  • The platform was awarded a gold medal in the 2017 Software Reviews (BRAVO!)

It should be pointed out that a company must be entered into Ceridian Day Force HCM portal before getting started with the account recovery process.  Those who would like to check out the portal’s Privacy Policy can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the screen.  In addition to the Privacy Policy, a link to the portal’s Terms of Use can also be found.  Questions about Dayforce can be addressed by dialing 855-432-9367.

A Look at Ceridian

  • A human capital management company that does business worldwide
  • Can provide support for companies of all sizes (a flexible target market)
  • Made Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list in 2018 (cue the slow clap!)
  • Has found a spot in Canada’s Top 100 Employers 15 years IN A ROW

Ceridian’s United States headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN.  In addition to the United States, Ceridian also has headquarters located in Europe (Glasgow), Canada (Toronto), and Australia (Melbourne).

Ceridian United States Headquarters

  • 3311 East Old Shakopee Rd.
  • Minneapolis, MN 55425-1640
  • 952-853-8100


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