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Destination America Activate

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With all of the wild and wacky programming Destination America has to offer it would come as no surprise to learn that fans of the channel crave anytime access to all their favorite shows.  Fortunately, these cravings can be met rather easily thanks to the simple streaming device activation process found at the Destination America Activate page.  Those who are ready to stream hours upon hours of the channel’s interesting (and let’s face it sometimes down right jaw-dropping) content can begin by selecting a cable provider from the enormous alphabetized list.  Once the appropriate provider has been located it can be clicked to complete the subscription verification process.  Those who are coming down with a headache from searching through the seemingly endless list of providers may want to try using the search tool posted at the top of the Destination America Activate page before reaching for that bottle of Excedrin.

Shows to Consider Streaming After the Device Activation

  • Mountain Monsters – Journey deep into the Appalachians on a quest for weird creatures
  • Ghost Brothers – 3 fraternity bros travel to some of the countries most “haunted” places
  • Alaska Monsters – With all of that land one can’t help but wonder if Bigfoot is out there
  • Monsters & Mysteries in America – Buckle up for safety and let the imagination run wild
  • Haunted Towns – Vacation to some “haunted” towns with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers

Those who are lucky enough to have a cable subscription with one of the most popular providers won’t have to worry about using the search tool or combing through the list as a featured provider section is posted below the search bar at Destination America Activate page.  The Destination America icon located at the very top of the page can be clicked to be directed to the channel’s homepage where viewers can learn more about all of the shows being offered.  Those with business-related inquires regarding Destination America can try contacting the Discovery Communications sales office in New York City.

Discovery Communications Sales Office

  • 850 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022-7225
  • 212-548-5555