www.dfwairport.com/citation – Begin Payment DFW Airport Citations

Making an Online DFW Airport Citation Payment

  • Citation number can be used to begin payment
  • VIN and license plate searches are also available
  • Citation support is available by phone or email

The truth of the matter is nobody likes having to pay a ticket (at least those among us who ARE NOT gluttons for punishment).  However, equally true is the fact that tickets don’t get paid by themselves.  Fortunately, this once tedious task can now be taken care of online in many cases.  An example of this is the convenient DFW Airport Citation payment portal that comes complete with a helpful FAQ list and allows for the fast and easy online payment of a ticket (or TICKETS for those who have really been getting after it!).  The online payment process can be initiated upon arrival at the portal by first clicking the Pay Online link to be directed to a new page where a citation number can be entered to locate the ticket that needs paying.  Those who don’t happen to have the citation number at hand can try entering a VIN or license plate number and state into the DFW Airport Citation payment portal as an alternative means to locating the ticket (these methods will show ALL open tickets so some may need to brace themselves!).

What else should I know before I go and pay this ticket?

  • It could take a day or two for new tickets to be uploaded into the database
  • Online payments are not available between 1:45 AM and 2:00 AM CST each night
  • Citations that go without a response for 15 days will DOUBLE in cost (bummer)
  • Tickets for vehicles that have been booted CANNOT be paid through the portal
  • Receipts are available to be printed or sent via email (something to hold on to)

In the event that more than one ticket appears after conducting the search, any or all can be selected for payment by checking the box posted next to each.  The extensive FAQ list can be reviewed by scrolling to the bottom of the DFW Airport Citation payment portal and clicking on the available links.  Those who are in need of support can try calling 866-449-7566 or sending an email to airportinfocenter@dfwaiport.com for further assistance.  Citations can be disputed by appearing at the Ground Transportation and Parking Citation Administration Office between the hours of 9 AM and 2 PM CST (it should only take about 15 to 30 minutes so it may be worth a shot!).

Ground Transportation and Parking Citation Administration Office Address

  • 2444 Carbon Rd., DFW Airport, TX 75261