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Get to Know the Dish Promise!

  • Customers can find out if any channels are impacted
  • Dish provides customers with a four-part promise
  • Customers can review the extensive FAQ list

The last thing anyone needs is to be caught by surprise when a local channel suddenly disappears due to a dispute between the station and their TV provider.  Fortunately, Dish customers can prevent the shock of a lost or suspended channel by checking ahead of time at the Dish Promise portal.  Once at the portal, customers can enter their zip code before hitting the Go button to start a search.  Next, the search will produce any local TV stations that have been impacted by any ongoing negotiations (again this search is ONLY for local affiliates such as Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.).

So what is this Dish Promise all about?

  • Dish states that it will fight hard against the ever-increasing costs of TV programming
  • Customers who have been impacted can rest assure Dish is working to find solutions
  • Dish will constantly keep customers informed on status through the Dish Promise portal
  • Customers can decide of they want Dish to pay or to get local TV for FREE with an antenna

Customers can review the full four-part Dish Promise by scrolling to the middle of the portal.  In addition to the promise outline, the portal also provides customers with a brief video that can help explain further.

Things to Keep in Mind Next Time There’s Dish vs. Local TV Dust-Up

  • It’s not always clear-cut who’s in the right (so go out and do some research on the matter)
  • It’s better to worry about more important things (like the differences between jam and jelly)
  • One way or another local TV will be available (just get an antenna or go to a friend’s house)

Finally, customers who want to learn even more about Dish’s disputes with local TV providers can do so by checking out the FAQs posted at the bottom of the Dish Promise portal.  In addition to the FAQs, customers can also leave feedback on both the channels and for Dish.

Dish Headquarters Address

  • 9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
  • Englewood, CO 80112


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