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Disney Plus Account Cancel-Subscription

  • If you’re tired of your account (or just need to cancel for another reason) there’s an easy online process to follow
  • You’ll need to login to your Disney Plus account to begin cancellation (using the email address you used to create the account)
  • Disney Plus support is available for questions
  • FAQs are available at www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription

Let’s face it, sometimes things need to be canceled.  Even with something as awesome as Disney Plus.  In order to cancel your account, simply login using your email address and password.  Once you’re inside, follow the instructions to end your Disney Plus service.

Reasons to Cancel at www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription

Money – The first reason is usually the most obvious.  Sometimes we just can’t afford to spend the extra cash on leisure services.

Time – We all get busy.  And when we do, TV time on the couch is one of the first things to go.  So get your work done, and come back!

Content – It’s hard to imagine this being a reason with all of the cool stuff Disney Plus has to offer.  BUT, weirder things have happened.

Competition – Maybe you found something you like better and had to make a tough choice (time and money are also intertwined in this one).

Health – A new year’s resolution to workout more could certainly take time away from a Disney Plus binge-sesh.

By the way, if you have questions about your Disney Plus account, trying clicking the Help link at the bottom of www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription.  Doing so will bring up a HUGE list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Inside the FAQs you’ll find a bevy of valuable information on just about every possible topic (connecting to the internet, problems watching, compatible platforms, you name it).

FAQs not solving your problem?

Call Disney Plus support at 888-905-7888.


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