www.DoritosFlaminHot.com – Enter Code and Streak to $5,000.00!

How to Play the Doritos Flamin’ Hot Streak

  • Participants can begin the  initial “streak” with a code from a Doritos bag
  • The sweepstakes allows participants to keep their streaks alive by playing
  • Participants can review the Official Rules or FAQs for help with questions

Promotions that require participants to enter a special code are already incredibly popular (such as the Snap On Dream Drive promotion).  However, when a promotion does this AND encourages daily participation, mere popularity can quickly morph into outright HYSTERIA.  For example, the new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Streak promotion allows entry to those who have obtained a code after purchasing a bag of Doritos.  But the fun doesn’t end there.  In order to keep a “streak” alive, participants must come back each day to make another play.  Those who do so can keep playing off the same initial code until the end of the promotion.  However, those who miss a day must obtain another code and restart their streak.

WOW!  Tell me more about this Doritos Flamin’ Hot Streak!

  • The game begins on February 11th, 2019 and stays open through April 7th, 2019
  • Participants can use Snap Chat to enter or go directly to the online entry page
  • First time players will need to create an account before starting their hot streak
  • The promotion includes 1 Grand Prizes and well over 200 Instant Win Prizes

After making a play, the participant will find out whether they have won an Instant Win Prize immediately (that’s why they call it “instant” folks).  Meanwhile, the Grand Prize is a bit more suspenseful.  The promotion will decide the $5,000 Grand Prize winner in a random drawing from among all eligible entries on or around April 9th, 2019.  Please note that the promotion will award the $5,000 via wire transfer or with a check (if it’s a check let’s hope it’s one of those massive ones that takes two armfuls to carry!).

So what about those Instant Win Prizes??

  • Instant Win Prizes in the Doritos Flamin’ Hot Streak promotion come from 4 levels
  • All instant prizes are digital gift cards with level 1 the lowest value and 4 the highest
  • Level 1 value is $50, Level 2 value is $100, Level 3 value is $200, and Level 4 is $500
  • Please note that the 14 Level 4 prizes don’t get put into play until day 43 of the game!

While on the topic of prizes, it’s worth mentioning that there is a limit of 1 Instant Win Prize per person per day (not one of those “one and done” promotions).  Meanwhile, whoever wins the Grand Prize will receive notice via the email address used to register.  Finally, the total value of all prizes available in the promotion comes to a spicy $40,000.

Participants with questions about the promotion can try clicking the Official Rules link found at the bottom of the entry page.  In addition to the rules, the promotion also provides a convenient FAQ list to help answer questions.

Doritos Flamin’ Hot Streak Sponsor

  • Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • 7701 Legacy Drive
  • Plano, TX 75024-4099

Enter Your Code & Start the Streak!

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