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Drive A Firestone Rewards

  • Firestone loyalty program members can enter a personal access code to receive special offers
  • Customers can elect to receive offers and coupons via email
  • Offer opt out options available for customers wanting to avoid excess email

Firestone customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of some fantastic offers through the auto care company’s loyalty program.  To be kept informed about these special sales, offers, and coupons customers will need to go directly to the Drive A Firestone Rewards page and enter their personal access code and email address into the provided fields (customers should note that the personal access code can be found in the mailer they received).  After entering the personal access code customers will be able to view their special offer along with a list of benefits provided from the loyalty program.

Can unwanted emails be avoided after signing up for the loyalty program?

  • Customers wishing to avoid having their email inboxes bombarded with offers can uncheck a box during the sign up process that will keep the emails away
  • Once an email is submitted loyalty program members can opt out of the offer email by clicking the unsubscribe link found on the Drive A Firestone Rewards page
  • Customers that have chosen to unsubscribe from the email list will need to allow 3-4 weeks for the offers to stop coming in
  • To find out how personal information is handled customers can refer to the Privacy Statement (link posted on Drive A Firestone Rewards page)

The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company was formed by Harvey Firestone during the summer of 1900 in Akron, OH.  Almost 90 years later in 1988 the company was purchased by Bridgestone Corporation forming the worlds largest tire and rubber company.  The Bridgestone Americas headquarters is located in Nashville, TN at 535 Marriott Dr.


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  1. I visitedthe 5151 summer ave store in Memphis tn. thanks to the fellas and Antonio and gleen and they other two. they reminded me of my good army buddies. I left my phone on the charger to get them new years tickets. but they saved my phone. god bless you all.

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