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Dura Pro Toilet Connector Settlement

  • Two separate claim types can be filed
  • Important dates apply to the settlement
  • Administrator contact info is available

When a product or part of a product is alleged to be defective there exists the distinct possibly of things escalating into a full-blown legal action.  An example of such is the recently settled lawsuit titled Jacquelyn D. Ajose, et al. v. Interline Brands, Inc.  The suit was filed over allegations that the Defendant not only sold toilet connectors with defective coupling nuts, but also knew about the parts’ defectiveness for years before deciding to redesign or replace them.  However, it should be made clear that the Defendant does indeed deny the allegations brought forth in the lawsuit stating that the parts were not defective and any failures are a result of other factors.  Regardless of either parties stances on the matter, it appears the court will not be making a ruling in favor of either as the case has come to a pending settlement valued at a stunning $16.5 MILLION.  Those who believe they are due compensation can begin by going to the Dura Pro Toilet Connector Settlement page and clicking on the Documents tab to find the available claim form.

More on the Settlement

  • Claims can be filed for $4 to replace each toilet connect part (up to 5 per household)
  • Property damage due to the part failure can be claimed for 30% of resulting damage
  • The deadline to make a replacement part claim is two years after the final approval
  • The deadline to file a property damage claim is 4 years after the final approval
  • The Final Fairness Hearing on whether to approve is set for October 19th, 2018

Those who wish to object to the settlement must do so no later than August 20th, 2018.  Likewise, August 20th, 2018 is also the date by which those who plan on requesting an exclusion must file the necessary paperwork.  It should be noted that exclusion requests must be mailed directly to the Claim Administrator and postmarked prior to the filing deadline.  Those with questions about the settlement can try reviewing the information found under the FAQ link posted at the top of the Dura Pro Toilet Connector Settlement page.  In the event (likely a very rare one!) that the FAQs don’t provide an answer, the Claims Administrator can be contacted for further assistance.

Claims Administrator Contact Information

  • info@duraprotoiletconnectorsettlement.com
  • PO Box 2876, Portland, OR 97208-2876
  • 855-349-6393