www.eclaimsline.com – File New Claim or Manage Existing Claim


  • New claims can be filed online
  • Existing claims can be accessed
  • Customer support is provided

The ability to provide special benefits and coverage is viewed as an attractive feature in a card.  However, a feature like this may be far less attractive if the ability to utilize it is a complete and utter hassle.  With that being said, it sure is a good thing that cardholders can now manage benefits conveniently online through the Eclaims Line portal.  Upon arrival at the portal cardholders will have the option to either file a new claim or manage an existing claim.  Users who need to file a new claim will be directed to an online form that can be completed by entering a first name, last name, and card number into the appropriate fields.  Those who need to manage an existing claim can enter a claim number or credit card number along with a zip code in order to track it down.  The FAQ link can be clicked by those who want to make sure they have a firm understanding of how to manage an existing claim or file a new one.

Filing and Managing a Claim

  • Information can be submitted and documents can be uploaded for review by a specialist
  • A notice of additional documentation that is needed will be sent within 5 business days
  • Users can check the status of a claim, upload documents, and provide additional details
  • Claim numbers will be 10 digits in length while card numbers will be 16 digits in length

Cardholders who are a bit puzzled by one or more of the terms they have run into while going through the claim process may want to click the Glossary of Terms link posted at the top of the EClaims Line portal.  Those who have questions can contact the Card Benefit Services Claims Team by filling out an online contact form with a name, email address, subject, and message (for security do not include detailed personal information).  The Card Benefit Services Claims Team can also be contacted by phone, email, or through regular mail.

Card Benefit Services Claims Team Contact Information

  • PO Box 7234, Richmond, VA 23255
  • eclaimsline@eclaimsline.com
  • 866-390-9735