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Ensign Home Quick Links 

  • There’s a variety of links waiting and ready to make your life easier
  • Need to download something?  There’s also a few of those available
  • Trouble navigating all that info?  Give IT support a buzz!
  • Workday access is also available through www.ensignhome.com

Hubs sure are nice.  Especially ones that practically cover everything under the sun.  For example, the Ensign Home hub provides links to just about every on-the-job resource you can think of.  Let’s take a look at some of the options (there’s so many it would take days to cover all of them!).

Top Links Available at www.ensignhome.com

Workday – Redirects the user to the popular third party vendor Workday’s portal.

Benefits – Whether you’re a new hire or on the verge of retirement, the benefits link has ya covered.  Questions about benefits?  Check out the Ask Alex tool!

Point Click Care – Directs you to another page where you can login with a username and password.  Book mark it if you plan on popping in often!

My Inner View – A quick link to the My Inner View portal from NRC Health.

Outlook – What hub would be complete without a quick link to your email??  (as Jerry Maguire would say, you complete me!).

In addition to all the convenient links, the Ensign Home hub also provides a few downloads.  In order to use one, simply scroll to the bottom of the hub and click on the one you need (yes, it really is that easy).

Finally, there’s also a few quick actions you can take at “the hub”.  For instance, you can install a printer, order equipment, or get remote support directly from Ensign Home by clicking the tabs at the very top of the page.

Questions??  IT is there to help!  Call 949-540-1200 to speak with a support specialist.

Or is it benefits help you need?  Then 877-352-8104 is your number.

Contact Emails Available at www.ensignhome.com

  • support@ensignservices.net
  • benefits@ensignservices.net


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