How to Take the EWM Cares Customer Survey 

  • Customers can reference a receipt sample for guidance
  • The survey provides a copy of its Terms & Conditions
  • Participants can use the receipt information to begin

For some folks, the act of providing a thorough account of a recent customer experience is rewarding enough in and of itself.  However, others may need some convincing before being willing to share a few thoughts or opinions.  While it may seem cliché, most businesses understand that MONEY TALKS.  For example, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill is now offering customers a chance to win £250 in exchange for taking the EWM Cares survey.  Customers who are willing to help the store can begin by entering the required information from their purchase receipt (put on those readers if need be as accuracy is important!).  Once the customer enters the receipt number they can complete the survey and enter into the prize draw.

Stores from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

  • High Street Stores – The company has 265 outlets selling clothing for both men and women
  • Tourist Shops & Visitor Centres – They’re a great way for travelers to get the lay of the land
  • Destination Shopping Stores – Sites often located within large shopping developments
  • Online Store – What retailer would be complete without a way to sell over the internet?

By the way, the number that customers must enter to begin the EWM Cares survey is 6 digits in length.  Meanwhile, customers who received an invite can begin the survey by entering the code shown on their card.  Either way, once the participant is finished they will receive 1 entry to the prize draw

Reasons to Take the EWM Cares Survey (besides money)

  • The store can use the opinions to make your experience better on future visits
  • It sure beats walking up to the nearest store and telling them what’s up in person
  • The survey is short and shouldn’t take more that a handful of minutes to complete
  • Anything that can be done from the comfort of a computer chair is worth while
  • The prize is higher than what the Tell Semi Chem survey is currently offering

Customers who are having problems locating the number needed to begin the EWM Cares survey can review the sample image that highlights where it can be found (look for the number that’s circled!).  In addition to the receipt sample, the EWC Cares survey also provides participants with an online copy of its Privacy Policy.

Finally, customers with questions for the store can call for assistance between the hours of 9 AM to 5:30 PM GMT Monday through Friday.

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Customer Service Phone Number

  • United Kingdom – 0808 202 0242
  • International – +44 (0) 1387 382 732


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