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Exp Data Breach Settlement:  How to Claim Your Cash

  • Class Members can go online or send in the prepaid postcard to file
  • Class Members can file online with or without a claim number
  • The settlement provides a handy Frequenter Asked Questions list

When the personally identifiable information of over 15 MILLION individuals is exposed to an unauthorized user, there is sure to be some blow back.  For instance, it appears the Defendants in the case known as the Experience Data Breach Litigation will be experiencing blow back in the form of a massive $22,000,000 class action settlement.  The case was filed over allegations that the Defendants failed to protect consumers’ personally identifiable information during a September 2015 data breach.  However, it should be pointed out that the Defendants deny these allegations.  Nonetheless, the case appears to be wrapping up and Class Members can now file using the postcard they received or online at the settlement page.

Key Points of the Exp Data Breach Settlement

  • Class Members can file claims for time spent remedying issues caused by the breach
  • Those who can document their time can receive up to $20 an hour for 7 hours ($140)
  • Class Members who cannot document their time can claim up to 2 hours for $40 total
  • The settlement provides 2 years of free credit monitoring services (a nice little perk)
  • One of the largest recent settlements (more than the Wendy’s Data Breach Settlement)

Those who wish to file with the postcard only need to tear off the outlined section and mail it in (don’t worry about a stamp as the postage is already paid for!).  Please note that Class Members who want the credit monitoring must include an email address on the post card.  Additionally, the postcard method is for those who only wish to file for up to $40 (no time documentation).  Meanwhile, those who would rather file online can do so by going to the filing page and clicking the File a Claim tab.

Deadlines Associated with the Exp Data Breach Settlement

  • Class Members must file their claims no later than April 11th, 2019 (don’t delay, file today!)
  • Those who plan to object or request an exclusion must do so prior to March 27th, 2019
  • The hearing to decide on whether to approve the settlement is set for May 6th, 2019

Once the Class Member clicks the File a Claim tab they can choose whether or not they are filing with a Claim Number.  Those who aren’t sure about their Claim Number may want to check out the postcard they received in the mail.  In addition to filing a claim form online, class Members can also print one off and send it by mail to the administrator.  Finally, those with questions about the settlement can check out the FAQs posted at the online filing page.

Exp Data Breach Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 505025, Louisville, KY 40233-9870
  • 844-730-2030

Reference & Filing Page

More Settlement Dollars Available to be Claimed

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