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FB Pay

  • Login is required to make an online payment
  • New users can register for an online account
  • Over the phone account payment is available

The average consumer has MORE than enough bills to worry about each and every month.  Most would agree that the least these pesky little bills could offer is a fast and easy online payment solution that keeps the mind of the customer off the act of shelling out hard-earned cash.  Michigan Farm Bureau customers who have been directed to pay a bill online at the FB Pay portal may have found a solution that makes the once daunting task of paying a bill quick and painless (kind of similar to ripping off a band-aid).  Upon arrival at the portal, account access can be gained in just a few seconds by entering an email address along with a password before hitting the Login button.  After logging into the FB Pay portal customers will have the option of either making a one time payment or setting the account up for recurring payments through electronic fund transfers (those with consistent bank account balances may want to consider recurring payments as it doesn’t get any easier!).

Getting to Know Michigan Farm Bureau

  • Is the parent company of Farm Bureau Insurance (NOT the other way around)
  • The company is the biggest general farm organization in the state of Michigan
  • Over 200,000 family members (WOW!!) throughout 65 county Farm Bureaus
  • Products offered include (but not limited to) auto, farm, and health insurance
  • Has partnered with outstanding sports organizations such as the Detroit Lions

It should be noted that an online account is required to make a payment through the FB Pay portal.  Those who have yet to register can begin by clicking the Create an Account link to start the online registration form.  Customers who have forgotten an account password can enter the email address used to register the account to receive instructions on how to begin the reset process.  Those who would rather just pay the bill over the phone can do so by calling 800-535-2335.  General questions for the company can be directed to the Michigan Farm Bureau corporate headquarters in Lansing, MI (would it be in any other state??).

Michigan Farm Bureau Corporate Headquarters

  • 7373 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI  48917
  • Toll-Free Phone – 800-292-2680
  • Local Phone – 517-323-7000
  • Open 8 AM to 4:30 PM CST