www.fepblue.org/mra – Submit Claim for Medicare Reimbursement


  • New users can register online or by phone
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield contact info available

Most would agree that receiving money BACK every once in a while (as opposed to constantly shelling it out all day everyday) is an invigorating feeling.  Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Plan Basic Option members who are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B should be prepared to be invigorated to the tune of a whopping $600 for reimbursement of Part B premium payments.  Those who wouldn’t mind an extra 6 c-notes in their back pocket (or securely tucked away in a savings account for the more cautious individuals) can begin the reimbursement request by going to the FEP Blue MRA page and clicking the Get Started button to be directed to a new page where the online registration process can be completed.  Those who have already signed up for an account can skip the registration process and login with a username and account password.

So far so good.  What else should I know about the reimbursement process?

  • Proof of Part B premiums payments can be uploaded online or sent via facsimile or mail
  • A Social Security COLA statement can be used as payment proof (no not the soft drink)
  • Approved claims will be paid tax free via direct deposit (insert cash register sound here)
  • Cancelled checks and credit card/bank statements can also be used as payment proof
  • Most of the claims submitted will be reviewed within 2 business days (not too shabby!)

Plan members who have forgotten a password can click the Forgot button to begin the account recovery process.  Those with questions can try clicking the FAQs link posted at the bottom of the FEP Blue MRA page to review the list of available Frequently Asked Questions.  Members who would rather register for a reimbursement account over the phone can do so by calling 888-706-2583 between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time (the online registration is the usually the fastest and most convenient way to go about it).

Address and Fax Number for Payment Proof

  • PO Box 14053, Lexington, KY 40512
  • 877-353-9236