www.fitbit.com/start/one – Aria & Ultra Device Set Up

Fit Bit Start One

  • Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and Ultra Activity Tracker device set up
  • Users that do not have a mobile device available can download from the Windows Store

Fit Bit users looking to get their devices up and running can get all of the help they need at the Fit Bit Start One page.  After arriving at the page, Aria WI-FI Smart Scale and Ultra Activity Tracker device users will want to look for the provided Start Here links in order to begin the set up process.  Users that do not have a mobile device available will want to go ahead and click the Download From Windows Store button also located on the Fit Bit Start One page.

Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Set Up

  • Users will need to set their scale on a hard surface near their internet router to ensure it can detect the WI-FI network
  • Users that have an ethernet cable plugged into their computers will want to make sure they go ahead and unplug it before proceeding
  • The home WI-FI password will be needed during the set up process so users will want to make sure they have it in front of them before beginning
  • To download the set up software users will simply click the Download button found on the Aria WI-FI Smart Scale set up page

Ultra Activity Tracker Set Up

  • The first thing users will need to do is download and install the Fitbit’s Uploader software
  • Once the download process is started users will be guided through a process to set up the device and register an account
  • Users will need to plug-in their base stations to sync data from their device to their computer
  • During the install process users will need to link their device to their account by placing it on the base station and entering a code

Fitbit, Inc. is a technology company that provides wearable health and fitness tracking devices.  The company was founded in 2007 and has headquarters located in San Francisco, California.  To reach Fitbit, Inc. customers can write to 405 Howard Street Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94105 or call 415-513-1000.


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