www.flpulse.com – Take Foot Locker Survey & Get $10 Off

How to Save $10 with the FL Pulse Survey!

  • You’re gonna need the code from your receipt
  • The survey is available in a variety of languages
  • You’ll receive a validation code when you’re finished

Anyone interested in saving some money?  How does $10 off a purchase at Foot Locker sound?  We thought so.  In order to cash in on this offer, simply pull out the purchase receipt from a recent visit to Foot Locker and go to the FL Pulse online survey.  Once you’re at the survey you’ll first need to confirm which language you want to use.  Next, enter the 24 digit code from your receipt before clicking the Next button (with that many numbers it’s a good thing there’s 6 entry boxes!).  Upon completion of the survey you’ll receive a code that you can use to get $10 off a purchase of $50 or more at Foot Locker.

More on the FL Pulse Survey

  • Can’t find your code?  There’s a handy sample receipt posted to the survey
  • You can use the progress bar to see how much longer the survey will take
  • Feel like changing an answer?  Just hit the Back button to revisit a question
  • You should be aware that no other discount applies to this offer

By the way, you should have a pen handy when taking the FL Pulse survey as you’ll need to write the validation code on your receipt.   Once you jot down the code, you take the receipt to your next trip to Foot Locker to get this sweet deal.

Fast Facts on Foot Locker 

  • The store operates in 27 different countries (talk about a “foot” print!)
  • Sales in 2018 reach nearly $8 BILLION (just take a moment to fathom that)
  • Publicly traded over the New York Stock Exchange under symbol FL
  • Other brands include Champs, Runner Point, and Lady Foot Locker

Finally, you can get a hold of Foot Locker 7 days a week by calling toll-free to 800-991-6815 (some questions just can’t wait until the next business day!).  Foot Locker chat support is also available between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM CST (also 7 days a week).

Ready to launch the survey?

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3 thoughts on “www.flpulse.com – Take Foot Locker Survey & Get $10 Off

  1. Every time I visit Foot locker store I always find good prices on shoes for all my family.The stuff is always polite and found me easy size.

  2. Every time I go to my local Footlocker store 1541, I always have a great experience the staff in particular Ashley and Tanya are great very knowledgeable especially when it comes down to layaway. A tool that I have been using the Buy the shoes that I couldn’t afford when I was a kid. Thank you to everybody there.

  3. I took the survey and didn’t receive the coupon.It was just a waste of time,I called the toll free number and got no answer,another waste of time! When I go to your store it never has my size or style in the same context. I’m sure you realize that men come in all shape and sizes. You make it seem this online stuff makes it easier to shop, well it don’t! Dealing with your online format has wasted my time and frustrated me to no end. I will do my best to never set foot in any of your stores again and will advise other’s to do the same. I could care less if you even respond to this reply!

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