www.foodnetwork.com/firetv – Activate Amazon Fire TV Device

Food Network Fire TV

  • Code shown on television is needed to begin
  • Link to Food Network’s home page is provided
  • Scripps Interactive contact information is available

When trying to accomplish something as important as setting up a video streaming device, one shouldn’t have to worry about any unwanted distractions to take the eyes off the ultimate prize of seemingly endless TV binge sessions on the couch.  With that being said, it shouldn’t take viewers more than a one second glance to confirm that distractions are the last thing that will be encountered at the Food Network Fire TV activation page.  Upon arrival at this clutter-free page users will notice just two items that can be clicked on.  The first item likely to be noticed is the blank field where the code shown on the TV screen can be entered to begin the activation price.  The only other option presented is an icon that can be clicked to be redirected away from the Food Network Fire TV device activation page to the network’s home page (talk about a no fuss user experience!).

I think I can handle it.  But what should I watch once I complete the activation?

  • Chopped – Chefs aim to wow the judges in this fast-paced completion show
  • Ridiculous Cakes – Featuring truly ridiculous feats like a 7 foot wedding cake
  • Beat Bobby Flay – Chefs vie for the opportunity to go up against Flay himself
  • Good Eats – Host Alton Brown offers great cooking tips and other fun facts
  • The Grill Dads – A couple of dads (who happen to be best friends) grill stuff

Once the code shown on the TV has been entered into the blank field at the Food Network Fire TV page the Continue button can be clicked to proceed with the activation process (for those who didn’t click the Food Network icon and are now too distracted with looking at all the cool content the channel has to offer).

Food Network is run by parent company Scripps Networks Interactive which is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol SNI.  Shareholders with questions regarding an investment in the network can try calling the company’s shareholder services department.

Scripps Networks Interactive Shareholder Services Phone Numbers

  • 877-282-6540 (toll-free)
  • 651-450-4064 (outside of the U.S.)