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Fornite Android Download:  A Quick How to Guide

  • Users can scan a QR code to bring up the download
  • The download is also available at the mobile site
  • Users can check their devices for compatibility

It only stands to reason that one of today’s most popular games should be available on Android.  For instance, what would Fornite be without the ability to play anytime and anywhere from a mobile Android device?  Fortunately, we no longer have to answer this question thanks to the now available Fornite Android download.  Those who are sitting at a desktop computer can begin by going to the download page and scanning the QR code with their phone.  Meanwhile, those who would rather skip a step can go directly to the mobile version of the download page and select the Epic Games or Samsung options.

Thanks, but why should I play Fornite on my phone?

  • Imagine how much less boring waiting in line for an appointment will become
  • It’s comforting to know that you can play no matter where or WHEN you’re located
  • Impress your friends with your Battle Royale skills at a big party or modest get together
  • Can you really call yourself a TRUE Fornite fan without the ability to play on your phone?
  • Is there a better way to “break the ice” when meeting someone for the first time?

Once the user completes the download they will need to allow some security permissions in order to finish the installation process (speaking of security, check out the Fortnite 2FA process).  By the way, those who aren’t sure whether their device is compatible can click the link posted below the download buttons to find out.

More on the Fornite Android Download

  • Android players are only matched up against other mobile players (seems reasonable)
  • Bluetooth headsets work on Android for audio usage but not for voice chat (fair enough)
  • Those who try to use a mouse or keyboard on Android will be removed from their match
  • Epic recommends that players have the Android operating system 8.0 or higher

Those with questions about the Fornite Android download can try searching through the FAQs posted at the bottom of the mobile download page.  Meanwhile, those with general questions for Epic can try contacting the company’s offices in Cary, NC.

Epic Games Corporate Contact Information

  • 620 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, NC 27518
  • 919-854-0070


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