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Review the Fornite Creator List and Support a Creator!

  • Epic updates the list of creators to support every 24 hours
  • Donators can make use of the search tool to locate a creator
  • Epic is taking applications for the support-a-creator program

The ability to support a creator on Fornite is one of the hottest things to hit the game since the Fortnite 2FA Boogiedown emote.  Therefore, it only makes sense to take a deep dive into what it’s all about (or at least wade through the shallows).  Epic is now taking applications for folks who wish to become a creator that players can support using their extra “V-Bucks”.  Those who are accepted into the program will get $5 in return for every 10,000 V-Bucks received from players who elect to support them (a modest amount but still more than enough to put a smile across your favorite creator’s face!).

Fast Facts on the Support a Creator Program

  • The program originated from the Support a Creator event that Epic released last year
  • Creators must have 1,000 plus followers on at least 1 social media platform to be eligible
  • Epic requires creators to complete an affiliate agreement and abide by a conduct code
  • Accepted creators must be capable of being paid in a method that’s supported by Epic

Those who want to apply can click the Apply Now button posted at the Support a Creator application page.  After clicking the button, applicants must login before getting stared with an application.  However, it should be pointed out that applicants are required to confirm their social media account with a unique verification code in order to receive approval.

By the way, an ever-expanding list of creators is available.  The list shows the creators in alphabetical order and provides a number next to each.  Those who know the name of the creator they wish to support can try using the search tool to help find them faster (the list is HUGE so this might be a good idea).

View the Fornite Creator List

Epic Games Contact Information

  • 620 Crossroads Blvd.
  • Cary, NC 27518

Apply to Join the Support a Creator Program

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