www.foxsportsgo.com/firetv – Enter Code & Activate Fox Sports Go

How to Activate Fox Sports Go on a Five TV Device

  • A specific online activation page can be used
  • Code shown on TV screen must be entered
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided

The last thing any fan wants is the inability to watch their favorite sports action at a moment’s notice.  Perhaps that’s why many are turning to the convenience of online streaming to satisfy their sports-viewing needs.  One example of such a service is Fox Sports Go.  Those who wish to begin streaming with an Amazon Fire TV device can be begin by going to the Fox Sports Go Fire TV activation page and entering the code displayed on the TV screen.  Once the code has been successfully entered (maybe do a quick double or even triple take to ensure it was typed in correctly!) the Submit button can be tapped to proceed with the device activation process.  It’s worth pointing out that internet browser being used to complete the activation must be allowed to accepted ALL cookies (well perhaps all but oatmeal raisin and molasses).

Stuff to Watch Once Fox Sports Go Fire TV is Activated

  • Major League Baseball – Watch as the wild race to the playoffs begins to heat up
  • National Football League – Don’t miss a touchdown, field goal, or 2 point conversion
  • NASCAR – Settle into the couch and get ready for some HIGH OCTANE excitement
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup – It may be over but the highlights can be just as exciting!
  • College Football – Watch as the nation’s top teams strive to make a bowl game

Many questions can be addressed by clicking the Help link posted at the bottom of the Fox Sports Go Fire TV activation page to bring up an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (well over 100 of them!). Those who don’t find what they need in the FAQs can try clicking the Ask Fox Sports tab to submit a question using the available online contact form.  Please note that an attachment can be included with the contact form by clicking the Choose File button located beneath the Question field.  In addition to the FAQs and contact form, the Fox Sports support team is also available via email or mail correspondence.

Fox Sports Support Contact Information

  • 10201 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • foxsportssupports@fox.com