How to Begin the Fred’s Feedback Survey

  • Customers must enter codes from a receipt to begin
  • The survey provides sample images of Fred’s receipts
  • Customers can sign up for a sweepstakes upon completion

Many online surveys require customers to enter some sort of access code in order to begin the process of providing feedback (such as the Talk to Denny’s Survey).  However, it’s not everyday a survey requires the customer to enter TWO codes.  For instance, those who plan on taking part in the Fred’s Feedback survey will need both an 11 digit Access Code and a shorter 7 digit Cashier Code.  Once the customer enters both codes they can hit the Next button to proceed.

In the event the customer cannot find one or both of the required codes they can refer to the sample image posted at the right hand side of the page (great big red arrows point the way!).  Perhaps as a way of saying thank you for the honest to goodness opinions, participants will receive the opportunity to sign up for a sweepstakes after successful completion of the Fred’s Feedback survey.

A Look at the Fred’s Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

  • Customers must provide a first name, last name, phone number, and email address
  • The sweepstakes will award a gift card valued at $100 for each monthly entry period
  • Whoever wins the gift card will receive notice via phone or email correspondence
  • The sweepstakes will select winners at random about 2 weeks after each entry period
  • Non-winning entries WILL NOT go to the next period (just go ahead and try again!)

By the way, customers can review the full Terms & Conditions of the sweepstakes by clicking the link posted at the bottom left hand side of the Fred’s Feedback survey (sit back, relax and take a few minutes to complete a thorough review).  In addition to the Terms & Conditions, the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy.

A Few Reasons to Take the Fred’s Feedback Survey

  • $100 at a store like Fred’s goes a LONG way (use the gift card to load up!)
  • Stores rely on customer feedback to improve service (a win-win situation)
  • Sometimes it’s just nice to know your someone is listening to your opinions

Customers with general inquiries for Fred’s can call 800-374-7417 (extension 2163) between the hours 8 AM and 5 PM CST Monday through Friday.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to send an inquiry by mail can address the correspondence to the Fred’s Service Center in Memphis, TN (sometimes the best thoughts just need to be put down on paper!).

Finally, those who are wondering how much progress they have made (or, on the flip side, how much further is left) can get a fairly good idea by taking a quick glance at the progress bar posted at the very bottom of the Fred’s Feedback Survey.

Fred’s Service Center Address

  • 4300 New Getwell Rd.
  • Memphis, TN 38118


Ready for more feedback?